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Hello everyone! It’s has sure been a minute since I’ve been on here. Life has been crazy, and I am going to try and start posting more consistently, but I’m not going to promise, so if you don’t hear anything from me, just know that I am trying my best, and Lord willing will be …

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Does God Really Hear My Cry??

Hey all! And sorry I haven’t posted in literally what seems like forever! I honestly don’t even remember my last post, or what it was even about, buuut, here we are! I know when people take an extended break, most times you receive a life update, but, not today, haha! Perhaps on a later date, …

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Today I’ve been thinking a lot about stress. I’ll be honest, this is something I struggle with a lot. It’s something that I constantly have to battle and fight back with the truth of God’s Word! Life isn’t always going to be easy, but with God’s help, we can eliminate that stress to its minimum. …

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